We Need Your Help in the Garden🌈

We’re enjoying this lovely sunshine in the school garden🌞The children are busy keeping our plants watered and taking care of the chickens🌱Our feathered friends, Oreo, Princess Laya, and Rosie, are settling in really well. Princess Laya has gifted us a number of eggs each week🐔We are now hoping to expand their coop and give them more space to roam about. If you happen to have spare chicken wire, fence posts, or even an old dog pen that could do the trick, we’d be forever grateful🙏We are also getting ready for a plant sale at the end of this term. We are on the lookout for some things to support our plant sale. If you have any old plastic plant pots lying around, surplus seedlings, or even some plant cuttings, we’d gladly take them off your hands!If you’ve got any items to donate or any questions please contact Múinteoir Orla on mswhelan@scoilmhuireborrisokane.com📧Let’s keep those sunny days coming and watch our garden flourish!