School of Belonging

A School of Belonging has a welcoming ethos for parents and pupils. It is a place where everyone feels safe and accepted regardless of what they believe, where they are from or what they look like. Cultural diversity is valued and celebrated.

Scoil Mhuire has been awarded a ‘School of Belonging’.

Part of this journey involves the gradual acquisition of intercultural skills to make communication possible across cultures. Pupils, parents and teachers may not possess all sorts of facts about other countries and cultures but rather develop the intercultural awareness that will enable them to operate as active citizens in a multi-cultural society. The skills and competencies necessary for intercultural awareness are not automatically acquired. They are learned and practised.

An effective welcome pathway ensures that there is clear communication of pupils’ and parents’ backgrounds and needs. There is a supportive admissions procedure where information is communicated to parents and their children. The classroom reflects a sense of belonging and pupils feel safe and secure with each other. The environment stimulates learning and reflects diversity. Pupils are prepared to welcome new arrivals. Time is allocated for pupils, parents and teachers to meet and prepare for the year or term ahead.

Last year we focused on how effectively Scoil Mhuire welcomes and communicates with new pupils and families, when they walk through our doors👣

This journey is summarised in the video below – enjoy the clips🎥

Module 1: Welcoming

Module 2: Language and Communication