Hot School Meals

Scoil Mhuire Borrisokane are very excited to welcome ‘The Lunch Bag’ school lunch delivery service to our school. The Lunch Bag will be providing free school lunches for all our students in line with the EU Child Guarantee Scheme which aims to see all children receive a free school meal by 2030. We are delighted to have been chosen to begin the scheme this year.

Free school meals will start in the school on 05/09/2022. However, until the ovens are ready, cold sandwiches/wraps/rolls/pastas will be provided.

It is expected that the school will start n Hot Meals in October.

What does this mean for our school?

All children will receive a cold lunch of their choice. Children will also have access to free fruit in the classroom throughout the day.

In a few weeks (we will inform you closer of the date) All children will receive a hot school meal for free every day. Ovens will be fitted in the school and a person will be charged with heating the meals and bringing them to the classroom.

On 30/08/2022, each child will be given a letter with a unique username and password on it. Once you receive this, you can download ‘The Lunch Bag’ app and use these details to register your child/children. Only one app is required for each family, with each child’s details automatically attached to the parent account once the correct password is used.

Please note the school may not be available to view on the app until you receive the

Passwords on the date listed above.

If you are already a Lunch Bag user, you can use your old Lunch Bag log in, however, your child info will have to be re-added.

The easy to use app will allow you to order from up to 37 cold lunch favourites or up to

9 different hot meals each day once hot service begins. You can have a different meal every day of the week if you wish. Meals can be repeated every week, or changed every day if you prefer.

You can change your order up to 36 hours before the day you want lunch.

e.g. if you want to change your order for Monday, please do so before midnight Saturday.

If you want to change lunch for Tuesday, please do so before midnight Sunday.

Meals can be changed as often or as little as you please, whenever you want.

Families will be able to order from a menu that caters for all children. Firm favourites in our cold lunches are available, both with or without butter and of course, you may ‘build your own’ if you prefer a more unique lunch.

A sample hot menu will be sent to you once ovens are placed in your school. Meals include chicken curry and rice, Pasta Bolognese, Roast chicken/beef and potatoes, hot rolls and ciabattas. Basically, we offer firm family favourites, building our menu on what children love to eat.


Sandwiches/wraps rolls will be sent in compostable wrapping, labelled with each child’s name and delivered directly to the classroom.


Each child will be given a compostable box with their name and order on it. These individual boxes will be delivered directly to their classroom at lunch time.

Each child will be given a compostable fork and napkin to help them eat.

Empty box will be collected by The Lunch Bag staff member and disposed of in the school.

Children will be given a free meal for their ‘big lunch’ but a snack will not be provided. However, you can choose to buy an ‘extra’ from The Lunch Bag and have it delivered to the classroom for small break. These snacks begin at a very reasonable .40c.

Alternatively, you must sent a morning snack.

(Fruit will be available to children while they are in receipt of cold lunches)

Your child will be given a free BPA water bottle by The Lunch Bag for them to take their water in to school. Free drinks are not offered by the Programme.

A default order will be sent to all children for the first few days until families change their order as they so wish. If you forget to order, a selection of firm favourites will be on hand to ensure no child goes hungry.

However, we do encourage you to take a few moments each week to plan your child’s lunch with their input, as a hot meal during the day has been proven to increase mood, attention and digestion – but we really want parent and child approval too!

As a school meal specialist for the past 3 years, The Lunch Bag has encountered every taste bud imaginable! We firmly believe there is a meal to suit every child – from plain eaters to adventurous palates – and we offer all.

Furthermore, we receive great feedback from families stating their kids are now tasting lots of new meals as they are experiencing them in a positive peer environment and at a point in the day when their hunger is peak – so do consider trialing new meals they haven’t tried before.

School meals are completely free of charge!

You will only be required to add money via a bank card on the app if you choose to add an extra snack.

If you do add money for snacks, then change your mind, that money will be returned to you without obligation.

When you register your child on the app, you will be asked to add any allergen they may have. Once completed, any meal containing that allergen will be removed from your menu.

Meals containing allergens are prepared in an allergen specific area.

The Lunch Bag is a 100% nut free facility.

If you require detailed dietary information due to health grounds, you can email to receive these.

These will also be available to view on our website.

All meals will have an option for halal meat.

The Lunch Bag has a reputation for outstanding food quality from over 500 schools and 100,000 families nationwide.

Our fresh food is sourced from the highest quality providers nationwide and is subject to frequent inspections from the Environmental Health Officer.

Our highest badge of honour however comes from the fact that our own children and staff eat this food daily – and love it!

All meals are made in line with Healthy Ireland Guidelines and portioned in line with same.

If there is any aspect of the food you are unhappy with, a feedback section on the app will allow you to contact us directly.

Where is the food made?

Once ovens are fitted, we will furnish you with a new password to change your child’s order from the hot meal menu the Thursday before hot meals commence. Hot meals will commence the following Monday. This will take a few weeks to get all aspects in place. We appreciate your patience with this.

The introduction of a hot school meal will be a tremendous addition not only to the school, but to the whole school community. We so look forward to serving you all.

If you have any further queries, please contact The Lunch Bag directly on

067-56002 or email

This is a fantastic opportunity for the school, and we look forward to seeing the

benefits to both children and parents alike. Visit our site: